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Saturday, 4 September 2010

1986. G series.

In 1986 the bikes receive a longer swing arm, 25 mm more. And radial tyres like the previous series GSX R 750 R . Dual lights were enhanced to 65 watts.

engine type R705
dry weight 176 kilos
wheelbase 1455 mm
colours white-blue and red-black
rear suspension full floater with 4 damping positions
front suspension PosiDamp Fork, 4 ways adjustable spring preload
chain 530 O ring
4 flat valve carburetors VM29SS
18 inches tires 110-80, 140-70.

The double R street legal version of 1986 offered more : gun coat engine finish, gold plated chain, blue coated wheels and a pair of numbers set, new electrically front suspension system, 310mm discs front, steering damper, dry clutch, racing clutch lever, rear damper reservoir, single seat.
( see also GR0R end 1985 version and compare them)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Random pictures

the street version 1985 and back, the race version Mother of all GSX-R.

1986 ; random pictures

Pop Yoshimura replica, 29000 miles ca., priced ca. 6000 BP for sale in Derby, UK.
The historical significance of this bike is really huge.

a Double R version of 1986, probably refreshed with no original colours and parts, for sale in Milan, Italy, priced 7000 euros.

1986; GR0R

German version brochure pic

The first Special " Double R" was introduced in 1986, altough it was available in 1985 in some countries. Anyway, it is considered a 1985 special version. Here some specifications for the german version.
-Pop Yoshimura handmade polished works (nonstandard) frame
-Front fork comes from the Grand Prix Works racer RGB500
-Works dry clutch-35 mm shorter wheelbase from the Works chassis
-Polished cylinder head-Larger inhale valves
-Full titanium exhaust-Mikuni 34 mm carburetors
-Steering geometry could be changed using frame sleeve parts
-Campagnola magnesium rims
-Glass fiber fairing and rear end unit made by Polybauer
-Handmade aluminum fuel tank

Sunday, 7 February 2010

1985 Type: GR71G code : F

The GSX-R750F was introduced into the market in March 1985. Its philosophy focused mainly on the weight loss. The bike also showed the new TSCC (twin swirl combustion chamber) cylinder head, and the DAIS (direct air intake system).
The chassis was a multi-rib extrusion molded aluminum box section piping and cold-cast aluminum alloy components, the MR-ALBOX frame. Dual lights come from the Endurance theme race. The first version is very peculiar for the grid cover on the exhaust.

european home market version; blue-white and red-black colours, black mirrors, no white low fair
Length: 2 130 mm
Width: 620 mm
Wheelbase: 1 425 mm
Dry Weight: 176 kg
DOHC, 16 valves. 106 hp (77,4 kW)/ 10,500 rpm, 64 Nm/ 8,000 rpm.
Posi Damp Fork (PDF) anterior
Full Floater rear
18'' wheels
Carburators VM29SS Flat-valve
american market version ( blue mirrors); white-blue and red-black colours, no low fair white coloured
Length: 2 111 mm
Width: 745 mm
Wheelbase: 1 425 mm
Dry Weight: 179 kg
18'' wheels
japanese domestic model ( black mirrors, blue-white and red-black colours, low fair white)

length 2,120
width 745
Dry weight: 179 kg
Maximum power output: 77 hp/ 9,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 6.4 kg-m / 8,000 rpm
780,000 Yen in 1985
18'' wheels